House of Commons,

Thursday, 29 December 2022

Dear Lindsay H. Hoyle,

I can well imagine your position in the House of Commons, surrounded on three sides by a mass of people, some seated, some trying to force their way through, all keen on getting and holding your attention, to be something of a strain. Like the theatre director in a modern, non-proscenium stage area, trying to keep the actors concentrated on their text, on their actions and reactions while, all the time, ensuring that only the right people are given the necessary respect and voice all should be entitled to. And yet it comes as something of a surprise to me that the word chaos has only just been coined, to cover what happens both in the House of Commons and, out of sight, in ministerial and government offices.

I think the bawdy scenes of Right Honourable and Honourable members braying with delight as the vote was passed not to pay nurses and others their just wages must be the highlight of my own recent viewing. Sitting in the midst of a mass of uncouth, under-educated, hatred-filled representatives would have been a step too far. For that many might accord respect, seeing and believing calm can at least be held in one elevated seat but, as with all things, the rot begins at the top. The biased selection of what may be said and what will result in an expulsion; the refusal to act against those who have clearly abused codes, regulations and, indeed, the law of the land; the haughty refusal to work in the best interests of the country. These are the causes of the chaos we see from the outside, of the growing disquiet, of the rapidly advancing feeling that matters must be taken into our own hands to reach a satisfactory outcome.

Anyone who wishes to complain of chaos in the House of Commons, no matter their position, should first look to their own actions. Should first ask about their own prejudices. Should decide whether it is right to allow the liars and thieves to infest the institution, or listen, finally, to those who have seen and understood where the rot is coming from.

I do not doubt that you, too, will be rewarded with a position in the House of Lords when your time comes, one which we all know can never be justified. Those who turn their backs on truth and righteousness to play the game with liars and fools, who disregard the need to subdue their own and their sponsor’s desires, those who take the side of destruction and decay will be remembered for what they have done. Such a shame that you have aided and abetted the creation of this chaos with your prejudices, your bias, your wretched short-sightedness.

Yours sincerely,