House of Commons,

Sunday, 5 February 2023

Dear Mary Elizabeth Truss,

I recently had the privilege of being invited to attend a philosophical event where members of the panel were challenged to describe their inner selves and explain what they saw in the mirror of their minds. It was quite fascinating to see how accurate some were – predominantly those who described themselves as being more liberal – and how inaccurate, if not downright narcissistic, those who labelled themselves conservative were when their judgements were compared to those of others present. For a split second I was wondering how someone in your position would have rendered themselves at such an event, but only for the shortest possible time as, and I am sure you will agree with me, the answer is obvious.

The United Kingdom, for its sins, had the dubious pleasure of witnessing your time as Prime Minister, with all the power and responsibility this position is meant to encompass, and the complete and utter failure of every single one of your policies, decisions and demands. I am sure that you wish to blame other people, other sections of society for your failings, manifest as they were and are, simply to try and regain some form of standing in the very small and, to be honest, irrelevant section of society you believe you belong to. The truth, however, is completely different to the vacuous ideals you hold: you failed. It was your own fault, and not that of some great, hidden, left-wing conspiracy. You failed. And you can pose for as many Powerfrau images as you wish, nothing will change what has been written in the annals of history.

So what do you see when you look into that mirror?

Yours sincerely,