House of Commons,

Saturday, 14 January 2023

Dear Sue-Ellen C. Braverman,

it was fascinating to watch you speaking to a group of people recently, covering your beliefs and the future for refugees and those torn out of their homes and lives by war and suffering. Your firm and concise answers to the questions placed gave me, and possibly many other people, a very clear and affirming impression of your character and your political direction. If any one was in any doubt about the route England, on the political level, has decided to follow in their humanitarian efforts, you left no space for misinterpretation whatsoever. And I was particularly impressed with the manner in which you beat down a Holocaust survivor with your firm denial of any need to apologise for your demeaning and dehumanizing language when referring to refugees.

To suggest that you, and several other high-ranking officials within the Conservative and Unionist Party, are following the play book of such luminaries from the past as Alfred Rosenberg, Heinrich Himmler or Joseph Goebbels is an understatement. They had the great advantage of being able to trace their ancestry back through the German-speaking lands almost without a break to the earliest of records. You, on the other hand, are the daughter of refugees, people who have suffered as others suffer today, and who had to flee to find a better life, in England. And you have learned nothing.

Your dream, to see refugees banned to another country, one with an even worse humanitarian and Human Rights record as the former democratic country you now live in, and to wave them off at the airport, has many people agreeing: except they would wish to wave you away, and never see you back in England again. Not since the days of Oswald Mosley has there been such a strong fascist movement in the country, and you with your firm and dehumanizing characterisation of poverty-stricken, worn-torn human-beings, lead the movement. It was indeed fascinating to watch you continue to perform your disgraceful charade as a democratically elected official, and I look forward to the day when voters take to the streets, line up in front of the ballot boxes, and remove your name from future rolls of the House of Commons.

Yours sincerely,