House of Commons,

Wednesday, 11 January 2023

Dear Alister W Jack,

One of the things the general public, regardless of which country they might be citizens of, appreciate is truthfulness combined with a wealth of experience when it comes to politicians. The fact that many seem to be deluded as to which politicians are capable of speaking the truth, which even have the most basic experience of the specialist area they wish to represent, is irrelevant.

It was fascinating, and incredibly sad, to see a man who was born and bred in Scotland, who represents Scotland in the English parliament in Westminster, ably demonstrating a complete lack of understanding of his fellow citizens, of the thinking in Scotland at the moment, and of the very basics of his chosen profession. To claim that no Scots wish to return to the EU ism something you might be able to claim for applause at your own breakfast table, but not in the real world, not outside your own doors. Your statement in the House of Commons begs the question of whether you see anything between your breakfast table and subsidised dinner in the Commons restaurant, whether you travel through the country blindfolded and with plugs in your ears.

The desire to return to the EU Among the people of Scotland is so strong that they have given the Scottish parliament a mandate to return at the last elections; have signified their intentions through a movement for independence; have consistently shown in polls a desire to return with a very high margin. You can ask the man or woman on the street in almost any European country today, and they will confirm this.

And yet you, whose roots are Scottish, who is elected to represent Scottish interests, and who is theoretically Secretary of State for Scotland, in name if nothing else, do not seem to know this. If you are incapable of doing the job you have been appointed to, or that which you have been elected to do, how can you disgrace what might once have been an honourable Scottish name with such incompetence?

As to the rest of your pathetic misinformed statement, you pander to the highest levels of your own political party, and have made lying a characteristic of your life which, I strongly suspect, will not be forgotten the next time the ballot boxes are brought out in your constituency.

Yours sincerely,