House of Commons,

Saturday, 31 December 2022

Dear Jonathan E. Gullis,

you seemed, as far as I can tell from a recent newspaper article, to be slightly surprised, even disappointed, that the chances of the Conservative and Unionist Party being re-elected to anything like a position of power in a future general election are somewhat diminished. For anyone who has been keeping a close eye on the media, on reporting about the general feeling among the electorate in England, this would not come as a surprise. The only surprise would be that you, as a member of parliament, are so out of touch with the electorate, with your own constituents, that you are surprised.

But perhaps, quite aside from the disastrous manner in which your political party has attempted to run the country over the last twelve years, it all has something to do with you and with how people see you. They do not appear to see you as a respectable member of the House of Commons, nor, indeed, as a respectable member of the community. More, you are envisaged, and probably correctly so, as a brash, loud-mouthed right-wing extremist content to sit on the House of Commons benches and scream abuse at those on the other side of the House, and to cheer with pleasure at the misfortune of others, especially during the recent case of your party members voting down pay increases for the medical services they had so recently praised, and refusing free school meals for children your own policies have plunged into the depths of poverty.

To put it bluntly, you are seen as a fool by many, as a piece of gammon (following the description from Charles Dickens) unsuited to any position of responsibility where intelligence and fore-thought are basic requirements. Much the same as many of your colleagues on the benches, it must be said. That you are unlikely to be re-elected at the next general election, and your party also defeated at any by-elections which may rear their heads over the next two years, is a good thing. Perhaps you ought to start faking your curriculum vitae for a future of much deserved unemployment as a jobseeker.

Yours sincerely,