Buckingham Palace

Monday, 26 December 2022

Dear Charles P. Windsor,

it has been several decades since I last wrote to you, and was graced with a reply from one of your Secretaries, along with a copy of an excellent conservation speech you gave at the time. The country, and preservation of its standards and beliefs, its traditions and way of life, has changed since those days and, as we see from the continued reports of sewage spills and purposeful pollution in the name of profit, not for the better. The destruction of the countryside and its waters is, however, only of minor concern when placed next to the destruction of society currently being enacted full force by certain political and commercial elements: the massive profits generated by some companies through raising prices for necessities without any thought but for their own bottom line; the blank refusal of elected government officials to take the necessary actions required to save lives, existences.

On top of all this, and no one is blind to the effect it must have on the country’s standing in the world, comes the news that you are to go ahead with an over-priced coronation ceremony; the suggested cost of this flamboyant extravaganza ranging between thirty-five and one hundred million pounds.

That such a traditional state ceremony should be allowed to continue is not open to debate; it is part and parcel of the image of the country and boosts the recognition of certain traditions worth retaining. However, you have just been exempted the payment, through a legal loophole, of tax to the tune of two hundred million pounds. The costs of the coronation should, therefore, as a sign of good will and understanding, come out of your purse, and not be taken from funds which could, and should, be directed to helping the most needy. Millions of people, especially children, consigned to poverty, is not a good sign for the start of your reign.

Yours sincerely