Dear McDonald’s Employee,

thank you for taking my order this morning in a courteous and friendly manner, I appreciate it and also appreciate the fact that you are able to remain calm and friendly even when your customers treat you like a piece of dirt. I also appreciate the fact that, despite what many believe, you have been trained to do your job here and have very high standards which you must achieve and maintain. It is also not so easy, as someone who does not claim German as their mother language, to not only learn and use German, but also to learn and use the various English words which McDonald’s incorporates in their menu, regardless of which country it is.

However, some things are fairly simple to master: there is only one drink with the name Cafe Latte on the menu, so I do not need to be asked, when ordering a Cafe Latte, whether I mean Cafe Latte Macchiato. Likewise, I do not need to be asked, when ordering regular, whether I mean small, medium or large. Finally, and I appreciate that this is an automatic reaction, a Cafe Latte is coffee made with milk. Please do not ask me whether I wish to have milk in my Cafe Latte.

Once again, thank you, and do not take my comments as adverse criticism, simply as normal things concerned with your work which you should be capable of mastering.