I, too, am not a great fan of modern technology, although I use it every day in my work and leisure and, sadly, am forced to use it now and then to stay in contact with people or when something has to be sorted out quickly. My preference is, and always has been, for the more personal contact by either meeting up with people and spending time talking with them, or by writing to them; real, personal, hand written letters with a pen and paper. For me there is little more enjoyable than receiving a letter from someone in a faraway land, learning about their life, their hopes and dreams, and watching these plans come about. Which is why I do not have any email correspondents at all, only those who write through the post: would that suit you too?

One thing I must say before you make a decision, assuming that you decide it is worthwhile becoming friends through letter writing: I am fifty-five years old. Now, for some this is not a great problem and I certainly do not have any qualms about writing to a younger person and entering into a written friendship with them. For others the age difference means that they feel – whether it is true or not – that the generation gap, or two! – is too large and they will have nothing to say or, worse still, not be able to understand me. Since, as I say, this would only be a written friendship, I do not consider it a problem and I hope that you do not either.

Like you I began writing at a very young age and was inspired, back in the Seventies, by a young man who had written and published his first book, a collection of exceptionally good poems, at the age of twelve. An exception, as it happens, but an inspiration nonetheless. I had finished my first book, which was never published but laid the groundwork for my future, when I was fifteen. Reading was, and is, one of my passions, and one which caused me many problems at school, since I read books which were considered outside of my age group. Some people cannot understand how advanced another person is, especially when they are quiet and introverted as I was, and do not see the need to further their interests. Rather, they try to cut them back, to limit a person and tell them what is right, in their minds.

I tend to write longer letters, all of them hand written, but do not expect missives of them same length back. We all have fascinating stories to tell, some can spin a tale better than others, and our daily lives, you in the United States and me in Germany, are often completely different. It is an experience worth the time and effort, I believe, and we can all learn so much from other people, regardless of their age, through such contacts.

If you are comfortable with the age gap and with writing real letters, then I am more than willing to send you the first letter should you wish to send me your address, or you can write to me.

I can promise you a very interesting correspondence covering everything in the world, if you wish and packed, bearing in mind my age, with stories of other lands, other people, other societies and experiences.

Take good care of yourself,